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Frequently Asked Questions


Does an Antwerp Ideal diamond cost more than other diamonds?

Although other diamonds of the same colour and clarity grade may cost less per carat, the Antwerp Ideal's superior cut makes it a much better value for the following reasons:


The diameter of an Antwerp Ideal is often as much as 10% larger than a regular diamond of the same weight ( carat page 2 ) and its brilliance and fire are far superior. ( cut page 3,4,5 )

When you purchase an Antwerp Ideal diamond you are assured of its quality. Each diamond is accompanied by a certificate from the HRD (Diamond High Council), one of the world's most prestigious diamond grading institutions.

Does the Antwerp Ideal come in different shapes?

No, the Antwerp Ideal is a round cut only since the pavillion facets must maintain the same angle (40.5°) around the circumference of the diamond in order to achieve the maximum balance of brilliance and fire. This obviously is not possible in a fancy shape.


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