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Symmetry & Polish


The Antwerp Ideal Diamond, the ultimate symbol of love, hides within its beauty a perfect ring of HEARTS and ARROWS


Symmetry Scope


When viewed from the pavilion you will see a circle of hearts radiating from the center of the diamond.

When viewed from the crown you will see a circle of arrows radiating from the center of the diamond


Another factor to be considered when evaluating the Cut of a diamond is Symmetry and Polish.

The Antwerp Ideal Diamond, cut with perfect symmetry, has a symmetrical octagonal table and all facets perfectly shaped and arranged. The crown facets are properly aligned with the pavilion facets and are all carefully polished to the highest luster.


When an Antwerp ideal Diamond is viewed through a symmetry scope, where the light is isolated to just one colour, we see a truly awe inspiring bright symmetrical image composed of hearts and arrows.


Major symmetry imperfections can affect the even distribution of light throughout the whole top of the diamond, and can diminish the brilliance.


Cutting a diamond with perfect symmetry takes extra time and may result in more rough weight loss. When cutting odd shaped rough, a cutter can save a considerable amount of weight by fudging on symmetry, for example by cutting a cushion shaped girdle outline rather than one as round as possible, by tilting the table, or by cutting the table or culet off center.



  • Table or culet noticeably off-center under 10x
  • Girdle outline out-of-round to the unaided eye
  • Table and girdle obviously not parallel under 10x
  • Girdle obviously wavy under 10x


  • Facets fail to point properly
  • Misalignment of crown and pavilion facets
  • Table not a regular octagon
  • Misshapen facets

Symmetry and polish are important factors when considering the cut of a diamond. However the proportions of a diamond will influence the brilliance more than symmetry or polish and it is possible to have a diamond with less than ideal proportions, but well finished in terms of symmetry and polish.


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